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How does this fit in with the digital native idea?

First activity - how would you define digital literacy
Fluent use of multiple forms of digital media for both creation and consumption
Its all kinds of literacies for creating, finding, thinking using digital tools
The ability to use digital (web 2.0 and other) tools effectively and know when/why to use them in given situations

A sub specialty of literacy that is specific to digital tools.
ability to use web 2.0 tools
Digital Literacy = 21st century literacy or just "literacy"
Being confident to give it a go! I've never seen this etherpad before, but I'm willing to try.
It's like literacy. Exactly. --> agreed  Yes, but expanded.How is it expanded? using Web 2.0 not just a pencil or penI don't see how that changes the nature of literacy. You can read signs and be effective with them... regardless of context. OK, I see your point, but tell that to someone who is literate, but really struggling with digital tools.I do :) it's fun. but I think there's a big difference between 'skills' for using tools and literacies. Not sure I agree.Understanding which button to press... I don't think of as literacy... wheras i can teach someone to use twitter by explaining to them that it's like a party. You need to meet people, interact with them etc...they have the literacies required to communicate and interact. So, for you, the term "digital literacy" is meaningless? I wouldn't say meaningless... i think it's misleading. It presumes that understanding things online requires 'special insider knowledge' where i think the basic understanding of something like social media... is just an understanding of being social. OK, I get you. Thanks for spending the time to explain! You've really added to my understanding.Great converstation 
developing the ability to use eLearning to build their own PLE/PLN
Integrating Authentic Learning opportunities based on digital skills into f2f classrooms and online classrooms - Helping to create Blended classrooms
Digital Literacy - understanding - searching, creating in digital spaces, 
The ability to fully participate in a digital world
ItLiteracy that involves digital tools to communicate
It involves being confident with decoding software, not just deconding alphabet and grammar.

I think it's about more than reading and writing.  I think it's about COMMUNICATING via whatever online/digital tools are available and appropriate for the circumstances.
Combining "traditional" literacies (reading, math, etc)  with understanding the technical components as well.
    Awareness of online presence
Skills, knowledge and understanding that enable one to navigate the digital world in an ethical manner.
set of skills that have to do w/ using technology successfully according to a given purpose (connecting, sharing, creating, etc)     Skill sets that fit under the broad umbrella of Digital Literacy - the use of digital tools for different purposes and audiences
negoitated meaning making in digital contexts - totally agree, Think I agree too.
Transferable skills
Digital LiteracieS contexts, identities, practices
Using C
Ability to communicate & create in digital spaces... critical thinking & social engagement!
Critical consumer of information, responsible contributor to on-line communities

having the capacity to negotiate/navigate/create/communicate within the world as influenced by digital technologies..
Co-constructing definitions
Communicative is most important - communication needed across all of the other elements.Agree!
^^^^ then critical and confident
 Communicative, Confident, Creative
Communicative all the others are ways to describe how to be communicative -Co, Ci, Ct, Cy, Cu, Cr, Cn, Cu
Communicative, cognitive, constructive, critical, confident, cultural, civic
The foundational element may be cultural if we understand that as potential for shared meaning--becomes a bit chicken and egg, as some communication would be essential to create a shared culture in which the communication, creativity, critique would take place.
Communication, cognitive, critical thinking - I'm thinking of expressive and receptive language skills. Agree!
cultural (taken broadly)--literacies are fundamentally cultural practices
Confidence - without confidence, you cannot explore the other 7 elementsNot so sure about that, is it confidence or is it simply being unafraid to make mistakes? Are digital natives naturally more confident?I'd never describe myself as "confident" but more as "determined", and lacking completely in pride I like this!  :-) Want to communicate, will do it any way I can. I don't know if confience is about making or not making mistakes. It's more about that answering the "how do I" or "what does that do?" rather than figuring out if you are able to use the technology in the first place.
One can be confident and incompetentI agree! HA! so true.Perhaps "uninhibited" rather than "confident"YES! uninhibited, I like that!
As  far as important for the community and ability to assess the effects of the changes, certainly critical is essential and therefore essential.
Civic: If we are not willing to contribute back to the communities that help fostered our ideas...[would have had something profound here, except Countdown theme distracted me]

overlapping connected, interdependent, 
Co, CT, Cg, Cu, Ci, Cn, Cr, Ct (or perhaps an entirely different order)

Cu,Cn, Cr, Co - tied k12 Open Online classroom perspective
Cu Co  Cn Cg
I think we are beginning to create a global culture. Culture becomes less important as you begin to create a common culture of digital literacies. 
Cf, Cg, Ct, Cr/Cn, Co, Cu/Ci

Comm, Construct, Cogn, Cult, Creat, Crit, Civic, Confi(or confi goes at the top??)

Cu, Cg, Ct, Cf, Co, Ci, Cn, Cr
Cu, Cf, Cg, Co, Cn, Ct, Cr, Ci
This is co-construction - sharing ideas and coming up with a common understanding.

Definitions of digital literacy/ies 
Ability to communite and create in online spaces with confidence, to collaborate with others, and to engage in society and different culture(s)

How we communicate effectively electronically, -whether typed on a screen, drawn or dictated through a device or through creating something like a photograph.

Digital literacies are the set of skills needed to effectively communicate across the social web by leveraging various tools to create new digital content, and to be critical of existing online information.

 Ability to communicate (be understood or clearly express ideas) with modern tools, using a method not usually considered communication, (paper, pen, spoked, recorded word). Using a tool not usually associated with communication or a communication tool in a new way. 
A temporary, in this time, aspect of literacy 
Digital literacies - being a confident consumer, communicator, constructor with digital tools - be able to make critical decisions and adapt quickly to changes (learn and relearn building on the skills developed).I like this

The ability to use current and emerging digital tools to communicate, collaborate, think, construct and evaluate as well as construct new ideas
Digital literacies are a web of elements that interact and support one another, they are to be viewed in a cultural context. They are developed by having confidence to commmunicate about, to think about, to create content (text, image, video and other media). They are refined by the ability and opportunity to think critially about the content others create.  They ideally lead to a civic/global responsibility.  Like this!  I like this too.
Not being left out of an increasingly digital world; access; ability and acumen to participate 

Having the ability to take advantage of Web 2.0 tools, develop '21st century' skills:  communication, collaboration, etc
Digital Literacy: 
Ability to creatively, communicatively, and confidently navigate digital resources to meet the needs of what you are trying to accomplish

A multimodal competency that engages people in co-creating their reality and lives

Digital literacy is the process in which one analyzes the context of the environment they are in so that they may contribute to the further learning of themselves and others on-line. 

Literacy in Norwegian is leseferdighet


its crazy that we can muck around with this way after the fact